1.   Fill in your forms online or print them out and fill them prior to your appointment.

  2. Send us a picture of the front and back of your insurance card to our email or text. (If emailed, make the subject line LAST NAME, Insurance Card.)

  3. Complete all necessary documentation online such as health history and consent forms. (You can find these in the "Patient Forms" section of the "Patient Resources" page.)

  4.  Fill out the COVID-19 Screening Form which you will receive in the form of a text prior to your appointment.

  5. When you arrive at the office, text us upon arrival and wait in your car until we come and get you.

  6. Bring a mask to wear inside VDA facilities, if you do not have one we can provide you with one.

  7. Your temperature will be taken upon arrival to verify the absence of fever. 

We are very excited to have you as a new patient, can't wait to see your smile! :)