Endodontics refers to the treatment of "dental pulp" and other tissue that surrounds the root of a tooth. One very common procedure that we provide is a root canal. A common misconception is that a root canal is a painful procedure. Actually, root canals are similar to having a cavity filled, producing minimal pain.

Common causes for the need of endodontic treatment:

  • Inflamed/infected tooth pulp 

  • Severe sensitivity to hot and cold elements 

  • Tooth decay 

  • Chipped or broken tooth 

  • Blow to the tooth 

  • Swelling or tenderness near the infected tooth 

  • Repeated dental procedures on a tooth 

Please contact our office for an evaluation if you experience any of the symptoms above. In some cases, Dr. Paul Hilburg can provide endodontic therapy in our office. Other cases will be referred to an endodontic specialist.